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What makes us stand out from the competition?

Our Core Competencies:

  • Able to correctly assess and valuate a business’ current performance to see if its acquisition price is undervalued
  • Calculate the business’ earning potential and potential buyout price / IPO
  • Provide the expertise and grow the business till it reaches its full potential, then cash in on the profits which in turn benefit shareholders/investors
  • Identify business trends and where the next pot of gold lies for the industry
  • Track record for achieving profitability for investors – capital is secured even during financial slumps
  • Strength in numerous brands, both created and acquired, as well as strong cash generating ability

Our enterprise strength is in services

These include servicing the luxury market, beauty market, live entertainment, Food & Beverages, event planning, wedding planning, lodging & accommodation, developing personalized tools for financial market, and education (personal growth/self-improvement courses and corporate courses) to collectively combat financial slumps and generate consistent growth.

We also have social enterprise to serve the bigger community and spread the good to the needy.


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