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What kind of investors are we looking for?

We are currently looking at servicing individuals who wish to grow their wealth in a stable, consistent and legal way that has a huge potential upside as compared to just collecting interests from fixed deposits.

We are looking for investors that can contribute financially and actively in the business, but we also welcome investors who just wish to grow their wealth passively without an active stake in the business.

Why Invest with Abundance

Having a wide array of businesses in different industries is beneficial. This strategy buffers against performance slump caused by sectors or industries temporarily affected by news or recent happenings. By participating in a number of seemingly unrelated businesses, we are able to reduce costs by using fewer resources, and by diversifying business interests, the risks inherent in operating in a single market are mitigated.

In addition, we have access to capital funding, thus providing a better environment for business growth and development. Assess to capital also means we have the financial power to acquire undervalued profitable businesses at the right timing.

Our Value Propositions


Diversity propels Abundance to take the lead in the industry. The corporation invests in promising business ventures in various fields to reach a wider and more dynamic market. When one sector plummets temporarily, another sector can compensate until it stabilizes thus equilibrium and sustainability is attained.


One of Abundance’s assets is access to sufficient capital funding which affords businesses the power to develop their products and services to better serve their target market. Moreover, an impressive reservoir allows the corporation to acquire undervalued profitable businesses at the right time.


Abundance has consistent and reliable track record in terms of stable business investments even with fluctuating market conditions. With a diversified portfolio and forward-thinking management leaders, businesses under the Abundance umbrella experience continuous progress and growth.


We have a dynamic team of experts adept in calculating business trends in the industry to maintain and predict conditions and recalibrate strategies accordingly to achieve consistent and greater profitability.


Our main operation is in Singapore, a country that investors flock because of its high regulatory standards. Businesses succeed and proliferate in an ideal investment climate which the country is best known for. Abundance is keen on optimizing its power where favorable opportunities abound.


We provide knowledge and expertise which will enable our businesses to reach their full potential. When the consumers are satisfied, businesses flourish and profits increase which yields higher returns for our investors and our corporation.

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